Adams Aviation is the leading UK and European supplier of the Kannad range of ELTs and can offer fixed and portable units to the aviation industry. The Kannad brand, supplied by Safran Beacons, is one of the world’s leading distress beacons and trusted by more than thirty OEMs as well as hundreds of airlines, plane and helicopter operators. More than 94,000 Kannad ELTs have been delivered since 1995. The Kannad product range also includes a large variety of accessories (dongles, remote control panels, external antennas) helping operators comply with their safety requirements through a complete solution.

General Aviation

From leisure planes to business jets, aircraft Manufacturers and private pilots can rely on Safran’s comprehensive range of solutions for their safety needs, including ELT and PLB.

Reliability for the Future

10-Year Warranty
Stay safe and save long-term costs with the Integra ELT’s 10-year warranty – the longest warranty in the industry compared to several ELT manufacturers’ 2-year warranties.

Short lead times

​​With one of the shortest lead times amongst ELT manufacturers, Safran Beacons ensures that partners and customers receive their products quickly. AOG orders are also available, guaranteeing that products will be despatched within 48 hours.


Part of the World’s First End-To-End Search and Rescue Ecosystem

The Integra ELT is part of the Safran unique end- to-end Search and Rescue Ecosystem which includes distress beacons, satellite connectivity, mission control/ rescue coordination center systems and rescue radios. Safran solutions have been at the core of the Cospas-Sarsat satellite-based search and rescue systems since its inception in 1982 and has helped to save over 40,000 lives since then.


Shaping the Industry

In recognition of this industry leadership, Safran Beacons was selected by the European Commission (EC) in 2015 to lead the HELIOS consortium for the development of next-generation SAR distress beacons for Aviation, Maritime and Land applications. The Helios program aims at developing and bringing to market second generation SAR beacons (SGB) and antennas designed to make optimal use of the latest technology. The consortium, including Airbus, Air France, Cobham and others brings industry and stakeholders together to anticipate industry needs by gathering experience from key stakeholders. This brings understanding of new requirements and provides the catalyst to design new products required in Aviation, Maritime and Land applications for timely Entry Into Service on the market. 
HELIOS resulted in the development of the Ultima-DT ELT.

Since the creation of the international Triggered Transmission of Flight Data (TTFD) working group after the loss of Air France AF447, the Safran Beacons team have been deeply involved in investigating solutions to avoid further events of this type. The launch of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Global Aeronautical Distress and Safety System (GADSS) initiative provided the opportunity to further develop system requirements, resulting in the development and introduction of the Ultima-DT ‘distress tracking’ ELT variant. In parallel to leading the development of the next-generation fixed distress tracking ELT, Safran Beacons was again selected by the European Commission in 2018 to design and certify a state-of-the-art portable ELT, meeting the latest aviation safety standards related to non-rechargeable lithium batteries. This device was also designed to introduce the Galileo Return Link Service (RLS) for the first time. This feature provides acknowledgement of the distress alert - communicating back to the beacon assuring good reception of the alert to those in distress. Developed as part of the “Tauceti” project, Safran Beacons' new Ultima-S marks another major step forward in ELT technology, providing the highest degree of reliability to their partners and customers.


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