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Adams helps keep the Vulcan running


At almost 65 years of age the Avro, or Hawker Siddeley, Vulcan is one of the most iconic British aircraft ever built. Its radical large delta-wing design was a world-beating success and led directly to both Concorde and the Space Shuttle. Although designed as a bomber its performance and agility was aligned more to that of a fighter and, in later years, always stole the show when appearing at Air Displays.

Sadly those days are gone and the last remaining flying example of this remarkable piece of engineering, marked XH558 and known as The Spirit of Great Britain, which did its farewell tour in 2015, now requires care in its old age. With the support of Concorde Battery Corp. we're happy to be involved in donating their Batteries in order to keep this important aircraft powered. In light of the fact that the aircraft will be losing its home in less than 3 months, and will then be spending time outside in all that the British weather offers, we have also given the Charitable Trust, who looks after its well-being, a quantity of ACF-50, the leading approved anti-corrosion solution for aircraft.