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Portable Attitude Indicator 100-03-02-01

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Now with the NORSEE approval, the iLevil is a more advanced system designed for General Aviation, Experimental, Light Sports Aviation, Ultralights or anything else that flies, floats or hover!

The AW provides with ADS-B weather and traffic information, GPS navigation, pitot static connection, AHRS and Data Recording. Unlike the iLevil SW, the iLevil AW can be used as a portable or permanent-mounted instrument. It integrates static and dynamic pressure transducers which make indicated airspeed and pressure altitude obtained from the pitot-static system available, offering a six-pack solution broadcasted to the tablet of your choice.

The iLevil AW facilitates installation with remote GPS and ADS-B antennas, and power inputs for 12V to 28V systems. Compatible with a wide range of apps, tablets, and mobile devices, the AW is the ideal all-in-one solution for a wide variety of aircraft where weight, space, and cost are important.

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